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At Scope BC our ideal clients are businesses with employees, whose owners have a desire to improve, grow or start preparing their business to operate without their constant involvement, allowing them to focus on new endeavors. It is within these medium sized enterprises where Scope BC can make the most difference.

The key characteristics of an ideal client for Scope BC are:
– Companies wanting to earn more;
– Companies preparing for sale;
– Companies with ongoing issues with staff;
– Owners with a growth mindset;
– Owners who are working far too hard for too little reward.

A key element of our process is to find the right balance with staff and how to focus on maximizing their capability to improve their productivity. Using in-depth Personality Profiling allows us to provide insight into staff dynamics and hiring the right people. This also helps when bringing on new staff members to ensure you continue to build the most effective team and your business culture remains intact.

Our number one aspiration is to help our clients achieve the level of success they are aiming for.

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