The “Busyness” Curse

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Busyness – the curse of the inability to achieve success, because you are tripping over your fried brain.

I have never seen so many busy CEO’s. I have also never seen so many unproductive CEO’s, and you ask them ‘how are you going?’…’Oh its tough, but we are busy’ is the reply often given.

Tough, but busy eh? Interesting comment.

The next question is how many unopened emails do you have in your inbox?

‘Which inbox are you referring to? Outlook, Gmail, Slack or WhatsApp?’


I sincerely believe that we are allowing ourselves to have our brains fried by an overdose of emails just for starters.

Relentlessly unsubscribe from everything that is not leading you directly to your goal. Even if it is the annoying enter your email address to unsubscribe box that comes up., and you think well which email address of mine did you send your junk in the first place? Annoying eh! Well block the sender with that one.

There is also a useful little free tool

Try it!

Think for a moment. What is the worst that could happen? What is the best that could happen?

Because the reason things are tough, and the reason you are busy just may be as simple as your brain getting a good fry with confusionsoft, spentforce, funnel torrents of spam marketing!

What worked not just last century, but the oh-so-good-shiny new apps of the first 10 years of this century, may be starting to not only fade but simple be putting off your potential clients. Gen i’s don’t like being marketed to. Adverts blasted at them are a turn off. Personally, I don’t like it and I am not even Gen Y or X.

Out of curiosity I have filled in one of these sucker-you-in-give-us-your-email-address and we’ll turn on the email torrent. Unbelievable. Within 14 days I had received from one of these mail chumps over 50 emails!

Of course, now these marketeers have taken to a new notion. Connect on LinkedIn and then send the hosepipe through your private messages! Oh yeah! Can’t wait to sign up with them eh!

Dear oh dear!

I would be interested to hear what other people think, so please comment and share.

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