Negotiation Workshops

Negotiation Workshops with a difference….

John Flett and Heather Wentworth, the team from Scope BC, run Negotiation Workshops with a difference. What is that difference?

These workshops are designed for you… small business owners, medium business owners, startups and those in the process of growing their business. And all run by an experienced business coach, business consultant and business strategist in John Flett.

Become a master negotiator

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Small business expert, large corporation experience….

With expertise as both owners of multiple small to medium sized businesses, John Flett and Heather Wentworth bring a level of experience to the Scope BC Negotiation Workshops that elevates the workshops to a business changing experience.

With a unique understanding from both the inside and the outside of both large corporations and government, John and Heather are able to guide business owners through a series of practical elements and situations that will help to level the playing field of negotiation.

As a business coach, business consultant and expert business strategist, John Flett can pass on the insights and knowledge that only experience can create.

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